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Summertime came. Paul, Ricky and Keith saw a lot of each other and made some interesting discoveries. One summer evening, while Keith was sucking Paul in the tree fort, Paul starting emitting high-pitched gasps and grunts, then shot his first wet load of semen into Keith's mouth. Keith groaned in reply and eagerly drank down the fresh boy juice. Ricky didn't understand what had happened until Keith explained it, and then Ricky was jealous and Paul was proud. In the weeks following Paul's first cum, Ricky became very enthusiastic about anal sex. Paul would mount Ricky first and shoot off in the boy's rectum; then Keith would take his turn with his larger penis and more voluminous load. Afterwards, Keith or Paul would suck Ricky until Ricky had a dry orgasm or became frustrated with his inability to have a wet cum. It was during one of these suck sessions on Ricky's sofa bed late at night that Ricky shot his first load into Paul's mouth. "I just did it!" Ricky almost yelled. "I shot it!" "Let me taste," said Keith, leaning down to Ricky's crotch. Paul sat up and moved out of the way so Keith could finish sucking the younger boy and drain him of his precious fluids. The boys tried some other ideas, like having Ricky fuck Paul's ass while Keith tried to fuck Ricky, but it didn't work out. Their favorite games were mutual sucking and anal sex, and they became very experienced in those pleasures. One weekend late in the summer, Keith's big brother Walt came back home. Walt was 19 and enrolled in a distant college. Keith was so excited about it that it was all he could talk about. Paul and Ricky wanted to spend the night that weekend so they could at least watch Walt and Keith fool around, but Keith's parents forbid it, saying that the family needed a weekend alone without Keith's little friends coming around all the time. But Walt and Keith went out Saturday afternoon in Walt's car and drove to Paul and Ricky's neighborhood. The four of them then drove out to the hills around the suburbs and parked in a grove of trees far away from the highway. Walt was not very subtle or slow. As soon as the car stopped and everybody got out, Walt opened his fly and pulled out his hard cock, which looked enormous to the boys but was only about six inches long. Walt's voice had completely changed from its affable tenor to a low-pitched seductive half-moan. "Come on ... Keith told me all about you ... who's first?" Paul went over and felt the hard shaft, causing Walt to throw his head back and moan, then reach out and gently take Paul's head in his hands. "Come on, Paul ... suck it ..." Paul could not believe this -- sucking his friend's big brother off out in the woods. It was so thrilling that he could hardly stand up. Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward just a bit and proceeded to suck Walt's dick. Walt muttered instructions to Paul about teeth, pacing and rhythm, and Paul followed right along. But only after a few minutes of this bliss, Walt gently removed his cock from Paul's sucking mouth. "Let's all get naked," Walt said, removing his pants completely and skinning off his shirt. The other boys followed his lead, and soon there were four naked boys in the woods: a tall, muscular 19-year-old with soft, light brown hair on his torso and crotch; a 12-year-old with peach fuzz around his dick, and two ten-year-olds whose crotches were completely hairless. All of them were shivering with excitement and had achingly hard cocks. "Well, come over here," said Walt, laying down in the grass. Keith laid next to him and they started making out immediately, tongues wrestling outside their lips, hands grasping at buttocks and nipples and cocks. Paul and Ricky laid down on either side of the incestuous gay couple and started running their hands all over them. Walt and Keith broke their kissing for a moment. "What do you guys want to do?" he asked. "Ricky likes to be fucked," Keith said. "OK, come here Ricky," said Walt. Keith scooted off of his brother and Ricky climbed up. Walt and Ricky kissed for a few minutes, then Walt instructed the younger boy to position his ass over Walt's hard dick. "We've never done it that way," said Paul. "You learn a lot in college," said Walt, smiling. Ricky slowly lowered himself onto Walt's shaft. Both grunted and moaned quite loudly, confident that they would be unheard by strangers out here in the woods. Walt said things like "Oh, you like my cock in your ass, don't you?" and "I love to fuck your little ass." The spectacle and language were really turning Paul on, so he asked Keith to fuck him while they watched Walt and Ricky. Keith was happy to oblige, kneeling behind Paul and easily sliding his now four-inch dick into Paul's eager, receptive anus. All four boys were now emitting all the sounds of passion. Paul was nearly delirious with taboo lust as he watched that big cock of Walt's disappear repeatedly into Ricky's butt. Walt was masturbating Ricky while he fucked him. "Want me to cum in your mouth?" asked Walt. "Yeah," Ricky gasped, which surprised Paul. Despite Ricky's enjoyment of buttfucking, he still did not want any cock which had been in his ass anywhere near his mouth. So Paul watched in awe and lust as Walt eased Ricky off of his shaft, then moved the boy into a quick 69 position. Keith was amazed too. His brother was so hot, and watching him fuck and then suck Ricky was even hotter. "I'm gonna cum in your ass, Paul," Keith whispered fiercely. Paul moaned and nodded, closing his eyes and dropping his head into his hands. Keith's thrusts changed from their usual short, quick pace to long and slow movements, a sure sign that Keith was about to shoot his load. "Cumming. Cumming!" Keith gasped as his hot seed spilled out and into Paul's clenching rectum. Paul was so overcome by Keith's climax that he failed to notice the end of Walt and Ricky's 69. Walt unloaded a massive initial blast into young Ricky's mouth, so much that Ricky gagged and turned his head. Walt's twitching cock continued to spurt wad after wad of thick cum onto Ricky's face and cheeks. This was so thrilling to Ricky that he too began to cum in Walt's mouth. The 19-year-old had no trouble swallowing all of Ricky's seed and savoring every last taste. The four boys separated and laid together on the grass, trading kisses and caresses and laughter. Ricky told Walt about how he and Paul first started fooling around, then Keith told the story of their first night at Keith's house. By the end of Keith's story all four boys were again erect and slowly fisting their hard cocks. "I'm so fucking horny," Walt announced. "You kids are so fucking hot." "Let's suck each other," suggested Keith. The boys argued briefly over who got to suck Walt's big dick, but Walt said that he wanted Paul to do it, reasoning that Keith had sucked it before and Ricky had just enjoyed Walt's tool in his ass, so it was only fair to let Paul suck that dick. Paul was very pleased and set to the job. While Paul licked and sucked the stiff shaft, Ricky got down and sucked Paul. Keith sucked Ricky and Walt finished the sexy circle by taking his little brother's cock into his mouth. Every few minutes Walt would stop sucking, look around the circle and offer comments: "Suck that dick, Keith. You're such a great cocksucker." "Oh, yeah, Paul, suck my cock. Yeah. Yes. That's it. Lick my nuts." "Oh, Ricky, you look so good between those other boys. Suck Paul, suck him good." Soon, Walt's comments were directed exclusively at Paul: "Shit, Paul, you're a great fucking cocksucker. Oh, suck me. Suck me, I'm cumming. I'm fucking cumming. Oh, here it comes. Drink it ... drink it ... you can finish it ... swallow. Now lick the rest up ... yeah. Oh, shit. I gotta suck my brother's cock now, yeah ..." Paul came next, moaning wordlessly while filling Ricky's mouth with a full load of sperm. Then Keith came in his brother's mouth while still sucking Ricky's dick. Walt and Paul moved over and rubbed Ricky's slender, sexy body while Keith kept sucking him. With the encouragement of the other two boys, Ricky soon came deeply into Keith's throat, and Keith sat up licking his lips and smiling. Walt leaned over and tongue-kissed his younger brother. "God, I could stay here all night with you guys," Walt said at last. "What do you want to do now?" "Can you do it to me now?" asked Paul. "Oh man, I don't know ... I'll have to see if I can get hard again. How about if I suck all of you?"